I need help with Cloudflare's SSL Certificate


Please help me,I have my site registered with CLOUDFLARE and I am receving an ERROR.Look at this screenshot:http://prntscr.com/luzqpn
What can I do?


Hi @xonyne88, I visited gamesforums-romania.cf, certificate is issued but you have some mixed content issues. On the crypto tab, can you turn on Automatic HTTPS rewrites? If you continue to have issues, screen shots and exact error messages are really helpful. Prior to loading successfully, I did see a 502 gateway issue, if you search for error 502, you’ll see tips on how to address that.


@cloonan http://prntscr.com/luzzmc
site is working http://prntscr.com/luzzwy
but ssl?


Yes, ssl is working, the mixed content issue you’re facing will need to be manually corrected, appears to be part of a script. (offending file is -> http://gamesforums-romania.cf/uploads/set_resources_3/[email protected])

If you search “mixed content” on this site, you’ll find lots of tips on how to do that. Attached is the error I’m seeing using google chrome developer tools console view.


@cloonan I deleted the file,now what is happening? When will be ssl repaired and what do I need to make?


Please help me ,I removed the file…Now what I need to make?


You still have mixed content issues, I think quick ix idea 1 is what you need to review, Community Tip - Fixing mixed content errors.

Edit - basically the same image as before, 3 errors,


@cloonan What errors?Screenshot pls…


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