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I am new to Cloudflare, I just switched last night the DNS and now I’m having trouble finding a solution to make my e-mail work properly again. I have my own server with WHM and cPanel so I’m not using any hosting providers. At this moment the configurations I have in Cloudflare are like this:

At this moment I can send and receive e-mail but I have that [A record] error telling me that the IP is exposed.

Can anyone please help me set this thing right?

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You currently have your email server configured, as well as Cloudflare’s email forwarding. You can only use either/or. If you want to use your own server, you best delete the MX records for Cloudflare.

And yes, any email related records have to be unproxied and that will show mentioned warning.

Thank you for the reply! I did that and after I’ve checked the email deliverability and found 2 issues:

Dkim Signature Error:
No DKIM-Signature header found

Dkim Signature Error:
There must be at least one aligned DKIM-Signature for the message to be considered aligned.

Can you help me with adding the dkim record to Cloudflare, I’m a little bit confused.

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This is not an error per se, but it rather points out that your domain is not configured for DKIM. You do not have to configure that, but it certainly might be a good idea.

It’s not strictly Cloudflare related, however, and you may want to start at configure dkim - Brave Search

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