I need help to sign up for a Cloudflare plan and protect my website more

Hello how are you doing?. I’m asking you, you know that I’m looking to sign up for a plan within Cloudflare so I can make my website more secure. Since the code injection incident that happened previously, I have been somewhat worried. Could you recommend a paid Cloudflare plan to protect my website?,In turn, does the plan include all the websites that I have in my Cloudflare account? or just one.

thank you very much for your help

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The Free plan is a great place to start. I started with a Free plan for a simple blog site and it perfectly suited the need.

Plans are per website and you can have any mix of plan types in your account for the different sites you own.

As you get started, let us know if you have questions.

oh well, perfect. Because just last week I had a redirect hack on my website and it seemed like it came through Cloudflare. In that case, to avoid bots and attacks or SQL injection, what would you recommend? I already have everything that the free Cloudflare plan gives me active. thank you so much!

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