I Need Help, please help me

helo Cloudflare workers, I want to delete my universal SSL/TLS Edge Certificates.
Because of my error, in my own domain I delete it’s txt. So I don’t know it is work or not work.
I can’t delete the universal certificate, so can you help me to delete it?

At the bottom of the page should be a section labelled “Disable Universal SSL”.

I need a new universal certificate to associate my domain again, not disabled it. I want to delete it and create a new one. Can you help me?

You need to disable Universal SSL, wait a few minutes for the certificate to be deleted, and then enable Universal SSL again. A new certificate will be generated.

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Okay, do I need to rebind the TXT verification of the domain name? in my domain, I have deleted the Txt.

Universal SSL on a full zone setup should validate automatically and create the TXT records in the background. If this does not work for some complex reason, you will need to create new separate TXT records as directed by the UI when you click on the certificate.

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I banned the universal certificate for a few minutes an hour ago, but after enabling it, it did not have delete or bind a new TXT boot guide. Did I disable it for too short a time?

The certificate is valid and active. There’s no need to delete it.

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this certificate’s Txt in my domain has been delete, Will this affect the validity of the certificate?

No it won’t.

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Okay, Then I still try to use it. I don’t know if it work or not work. Thanks

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