I need help, Pending name server update

Hello, I need help, I registered my website almost 48 hours ago, and until now still, on pending status, I checked the name server and I placed the name server recommended by Cloudflare.

Site name: https://grabbersdeals.com/

Thanks a lot.

It’s loading fine from my end.

I also suspect you are using Pause Cloudflare for this site option, or having :grey:cloud (DNS-only) for the A www and A grabbersdeals.com (or maybe a CNAME if using this kind of setup) rather than the proxied :orange: cloud, correct?

I see Cloudflare nameservers for grabbersdeals.com being propagated almost to everyone:

grabbersdeals.com. IN NS
grabbersdeals.com. 14400 IN NS amit.ns.cloudflare.com.
grabbersdeals.com. 14400 IN NS june.ns.cloudflare.com.

Wow, thanks for that, but on Cloudflare it said pending, attached is the screenshot.

I think I placed the name servers correctly, but still pending, Almost 48 hours already.

Thank you very much.

And the Cloudflare nameservers are stated as amit an june in the Cloudflare dashboard for your domain name grabbersdeals.com under your Cf account, is that right?

Yes, that’s right.

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Okay. Thank you for feedback information.

Maybe we have to wait a little bit more.

In the meantime, do you stil see the blue button “Check nameservers” for your domain name, at the “Home tab” of Cloudflare dashboard under your Cloudflare account?
Or maybe you’ve already clicked on it in between?

Nevertheless, when the domain will be active you will get a notification on your e-mail address associated with your Cloudflare account too.

Yes, “Check nameservers” is still there. I am using this option as well. But still pending.

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I called my domain host and they helped me, it’s now active. Thank you as well.

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