I Need help not a block By Akismet

Please I need to tell you my problem step by step cause a did a fatal mistake caused a trouble for me so I can’t log in my account:

  • This is my e-mail associated with my Cloudflare account: [email protected]
  • I faced a DDOS attack aganist one of my websites in my Cloudflare Account: www.forexindex.net
  • I upgraded my account to Pro and I did some security settings
  • I did a mistake here, I put the Ip of my internet service provider in the White list in WAF configration
  • My service provider IP is Dynamic ip, changed every day or when i restart the router so I can’t login to my account as the IP changed and I can’t get it again as it is Dynamic. I was in hurry as you know the condition of anyone face such attack…
  • Last thing which made me very frustrated, I tried to login and you asked my for a token sent to my e-mail accociated to my account which I am writing to you from now but i never receive it see screenshot please
  • Since 48 Hours now not Token or verification number received in my e-mail I don’t know why??!!

Please help me fix the bug in your system which enable me receive the code, or delete my IP from the white list very urgent as you know you find many IP please delete the one related to Egypt for sure i never remember it all what I remember the IP begins with 197.XXX.XXX.XXX

I will appreciate your quick reply in advance

You can request for backup code and get access back in 2-3 days upon receiving at your email.

No Back up code comes to my e-mail

Cloonan Really I need help please sir
Please I need help I was facing a DDOS attack to one of my domains, I made many security settings and I succeeded to stop that attack but I put one IP in the white list, this IP was my internet service provider IP and it’s a dynamic IP

Next time i tried to login to my account for sure I cant as I put a dynamic domain in the white list and for sure the domain changed in my next time i use my WIFI

Now I am very frustrated cause while i am trying to login i got a message that a confirmation code sent to the e-mail associated to my account but i never receive it

now I can’t login to my account please find me a solution how can Cloudflare fix this Bug no code received for 48 Hours now I tried more than 50 times with no result please help me

No code arrived to the e-mail associated with Cloudflare see screenshot, I sent more than 5 e-mails to [email protected] also nothing I called UK and USA numbers nobody give me solution

How can I do this filter Please and thank you first for your reply

Please do not do that, it just slows down replies for everyone, including you.

But, I do not see 5 tickets, just one from yesterday for the account you are using here. That indicates something about another email address. If you’ve contacted support from another email, can you share a ticket number here and perhaps post here from that account?

There is not a bug, make sure you know the correct address associated with the domain, lots of recovery options here, https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/203471284-Login-and-account-issues

That makes sense, there is no phone Support aside from Enterprise accounts. In this case, you should follow the suggestion in the reply yesterday and contact us here or via Support from the correct email, For the security and privacy of our users, we can only work with the account holder directly. We have automatically detected that you may not be the account owner of the domain(s) mentioned in this ticket.

We show the emails as being delivered. They will be from a no-reply address, [email protected], searching for that may help locate them.

You may want to create a filter to allow all emails from [email protected] if they are being routed to spam.