I need help in "linking" my free account to my paid account

I have a PRO account protecting 1 of my domains. I setup a free account and added 26 of my domains to that under the free service tier. How can I “connect” or “link” my two accounts?

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Subscription plans are not per account. They are per domain. If you need Pro features on a domain, you will need to purchase a Pro subscription for that domain. Each domain requires its own subscription and does not need to be the same subscription plan used on another domain. You can have Free, Pro, Business, and even Enterprise domains all in the same account.

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Ok a live chat session I held with a Cloudflare support they are the ones who told me that in order to have the basic free Cloudflare services, I would need to add all those domains to a different account which I have done. That agent then advised that after getting them all setup that I could simply link those two accounts together so that I could see all my domains under one dashboard.

In fact, a Cloudflare agent sent me an email with this but it is not clear:

Please follow the link below to connect your accounts, I also recommend using the Developers Doc page for any further questions you may have.

The link you shared is for transferring existing domains between existing Cloudflare accounts. It would make no sense to create such a situation for yourself with domains thay are not yet using Cloudflare. It would require far less effort to put them all in the same account.

Of course, if they are someone else’s domains that you need to be able to manage, it would make sense to place them in the domain owner’s own account and seek delegated access.

When I have cause to work with another Cloudflare account, I simply invite my Cloudflare user account to become a member of the other account.

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