I need help in improving DNS lookup time


Cloudflare has been of great help to me but I still need further boost.

When I was going through my website speed test, the most time spent was on the DNS lookup time. Through Google Analytics I saw my site domain lookup time to be 0.08(Sec) and average page load time as 3.28 Seconds. That’s good because I have moved to mobile-first indexing and even the desktop version too gets the same mobile page. It’s the AMP version even for desktop users.

The blog is blucellphones.us and I am using DigitalOcean hosting ($5 plan) Single Core processor, 1 GB of RAM. I have a Cloudflare Plan active on this and I am using AMPforWP Pro plugin with Pro extensions like AMP Cache to improve speed.

How can I reduce DNS lookup time further? Any suggestions will be most welcome.

First lookup is slow in some parts of the world, but a second lookup is much faster. There’s nothing you can do to speed up DNS, but it’s pretty darned fast.

That fast loading is because I am using Cloudflare $20 plan. Further I have amp enabled on the site which means perfect for mobile loading. I am less number of plugins. No iframes, not many ads except Google Adsense.

Still there is room for improvements if any?

That does not have anything to do with the DNS lookup.
DNS have nothing to do with your content on your site.


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