I need help, I am so out of my league on this


I have a website (www.theatre29.org) where the domain registry is through siteground and the hosting is through Vendini. The domain registry was set up to successfully forward to the host until this week. They defaulted the DNS servers to their own address, so my site is gone. I was referred by them to Cloudflare to establish the CNAME and forwarding orders so that I could get our site back up. But, I cannot make heads or tales of how to do that. Help!


Currently you are usin CF name servers. Next step you should add some NS recorde in your CF panel and setup your servers like this:
A ====> mydomain.com ====>


It looks like you have a proper entry for theatre29.org, but there’s no ‘www’ entry in your DNS. Add another A record for just ‘www’ in your Cloudflare DNS page that matches the IP address of your plain ol’ theatre29.org entry.


OK, none of that is working. I got the CNAME registry in there correctly, but, it seems something is still missing and I have no clue what it would be AND the site is still dead.


I can get to http for both www and non-www. Host lookup for both return the same IP Cloudflare addresses, which is good.


It is now resolved. Thank you, everyone.