I need help from dns

I need help from dns server I don’t want to connect for more than 48 hours

Hi @vpsko35, we need more details to understand how we can assist. Take a look at this #CommunityTip, Community Tip - What to include in your post?

Can you share any of the following detail?

  • The name of the domain about which you’re posting, your interest; visitor, owner, vendor, etc.
  • Expected results & actual results? What did you expect to happen and what is actually happening?
  • Steps you’ve take to fix it. What #CommunityTip, #ExpertTip, videos, directions, instructions, and advice you’ve followed to try & fix the issue?
  • Screen shot of the problem.
  • Specific error message & error code/number you’re seeing.
  • If you contact Cloudflare Customer Support, please share the ticket number, we’ll share details from your Community post with Support.

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