I need Help for retesting

Hello, my website speed is so low :S Can you please check where is problem


Hi @ghettomatthew,

Below the test, you should be able to re-run it.

@domjh Yea but its so slow, i edited post, you can check

As you can see, Cloudflare is speeding it up significantly, however your site is slow coming from your server. You can optimise caching etc. at Cloudflare but really need to look at what is causing the time from your server.

Something like gtmetrix.com should help with that.

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Bro i use this VPS idk what make problem

6 CPU cores
1400 GB disk space (SSD-boosted)
UNLIMITED traffic !
1 Gbit/s port

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This is very overpowered so you are most probably concealing the real problem with hardwarepower.
A lot of things (most I would say) are not related to the power of your hardware but of how you use it.

CloudFlare is not responsible for your site beeing slow. It did its part and speeded it up.
Most probably you are using WordPress with a predefined theme… am I right?