I need help for CNAME and A record

I need help with my CNAME and A record. As I tried adding CNAME sites.teespring.com and Arecord {redacted} it shows an error that the host already exists. (Code: 81053).

You can’t have a both an A record and a CNAME record for the same host name. Set whichever is appropriate for your record.


Hi, I followed the suggested steps from TeeSpring. It says that I needed to add these values (CNAME and A Record). I already have the Arecord with the same value, but can’t add CNAME with the www since I already have it but with different IPv4 address (not teespring).

Delete the existing record and add the new one. Or edit the existing record’s target value. The rules related to DNS don’t allow for multiple CNAME records with the same name.

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Would that affect my current CNAME record, right? My current CNAME record is endpoint.kajabi which is for my website

Yes, your site is going to point one place or another. If you want it to point to teespring, you need to remove the kajabi record.

How to add an A record please help

Hi @user5090

  1. Search for dash.cloudflare.com

  2. Login to your account

  3. Select the website in which you need to add the A Record

  4. Go to DNS Manager

  5. Click on Add Record Highlighted in the Image as YELLOW

  6. Select the Type of Records as A Record

Here’s an Sample A Record I have created in the Content give your Web host IP Address

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