I need help finding my cloudflare settings to connect my domain

What’s the domain name you need help with?

pmmedier.no. It’s a norwegian domain

There are a bajillion settings here. Which ones do they want?
If it’s Nameservers, let them know the two you have assigned for your domain. And if they’re asking for the IP addresses, use the first IP address dnschecker.org returns for each name server.
Otherwise, “A” or “CNAME” records would be fine to use.

A whois lookup shows the domain is currently using One.com’s nameservers ns01.one.com and ns02.one.com.

If you’re now “trying to connect your domain to Cloudflare’s servers” as your One.com email says, then, after adding the domain in Cloudflare, your next step should be to change the nameservers to the one assigned to you by Cloudflare.

You should find your Cloudflare-assigned namesevers in your Cloudflare dashboard, but you’ll need to go to your One.com domain dashboard to actually make the change there. You cannot make this nameserver change in Cloudflare, and unless you make this change at One.com, your domain will remain inactivei n Cloudflare and no Cloudflare feature will work for you.

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