I need help Cloudflare team/development team

I am currently setting up my custom domain for my Minecraft server, Cloudflare is not allowing me to post the IP address of my server, The host I am using is numeric IPs when I try to update the SRV Record it won’t allow me and gives an error saying: Invalid SRV Target, Target must be a hostname. Can you guys enable IPs when trying to set up a domain for a Minecraft server with/using SRV Record?

The Community can’t make such changes, but you’re welcome to open a Support Ticket, or make a Feature Request.

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

Hi, I’m here to suggest/request something, and I hope my suggestion get accepted.

So mainly I am here because I want to ask, why Cloudflare SRV doesn’t support IP Numeric nowadays? I am currently changing my IP address in my game server to a custom domain one, but the problem is it won’t let me add an SRV Record in the DNS records for my domain.

When I try setting up my domain SRV Record for my custom IP address in my game server(Minecraft), It is telling me this

DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004): Invalid SRV target. Target must be a hostname (Code: 9060)

I hope Cloudflare enables numeric IP for SRV Record, I think it was working previously, but now everything changed.

People who had a server with a numeric IP won’t be able to change their IP to a domain or domain ip address…

I can reproduce that, maybe @cloonan can find something out, but in the meantime can’t you simply create an hostname under your account with that IP and point to that?

There is also this, which is unlikely the issue, but may be worth waiting for the resolution of.


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I can’t, because my server is hosted on a server hosting, and the host i am currently using only have a numeric IPs, and i am trying to put the ip on the SRV Record, and it return an error. Which i mentioned on the post

You definitely can, you don’t need to connect through that specific hostname via HTTP, but you use it as a filler to make the DNS resolution on the client, you will still connect with that port and that protocol.

Please look at this error showing in my dashboard domain

I know the error, I gave you a way to solve it. It’s simple.

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It’s hard for me to understand that. Can you give me a way and can you clearly tell me step by step?

Two steps.

  1. create a record, whatever name you name, which points to the specific address you want and set it to :grey:.
  2. create the SRV as if it was an IP and set the target to the record you chose.

First you’ll need to make a new RFC suggesting a change to RFC 2782, then get it approved and adopted by the ITEF. Until then, you can define an A record porting to that IP address and use it as the target in your SRV record.

what about for the port?

Will it look like this?

It doesn’t work

The IPv4 field turns red

That is set in the SRV, put only the IP address in the first record. Simply create a normal A record and point to it in the SRV target field. @sdayman’s image is correct.

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Is this correct?

Yes, I wouldn’t use the root domain (maybe mc. or minecraft.), but it works.

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Wait let me show the A and SRV settings

How ppl can join with play.popularmc.tk

Simply use it as normal, I actually never used SRV for Minecraft, but it should work as normal.