I need guide to resolve re connected website to cloudflare with new server

I’m having trouble reconnecting my website https://www.mandala.co.id

Previously I moved the hosting server from the website (because the old server was closed), and when I reconnected to Cloudflare it instead showed the website suspended

I tried deleting the website from Cloudflare and adding it again, but the re-recorded website appears with the same DNS/settings as before.

Hello there,

It looks to me this domain having issues with the registrar. The domain doesn’t have a proper DNS record set:

Domain status shows: ServerTransferProhibited Here’s the info:


Contact your registrar for the resolution.

I can see that you are using correct Cloudflare DNS settings: https://whatismyip.live/dns/mandala.co.id

Howerver, when you change server IP address, some users may still see your website on your old server due to propagation of new IP address over Cloudflare DNS network. Things you can do to speed up this process:

  1. Put your website in development mode from Cloudflare.
  2. Delete your browser’s cache.
  3. Clear DNS cache from your command prompt and use command: ipconfig/flushdns

I hope this helps.