I need Anycast on my Registrar if I'll use Cloudflare DNS?

Hello everyone!

I decided to post here because I have some puzzles about Anycast and DNS.

I want to transfer my .eu domain to Netim because they offer Anycast for free (https://www.netim.com/en/domain-name/services/dns-premium), but will it be considered if I use Free Cloudflare DNS Plan with NS? Or can I keep my domain with my current registrar?

Thank you!

The thing you linked to is a DNS service, and so is Cloudflare, so you can use one or the other but not both. If it helps, Cloudflare’s DNS uses anycast and has servers globally.


There are two different things here.

When you transfer your domain you are changing Registrar. There are zero performance considerations with any Registrar. The only things that matter when picking a Registrar are price, ease of use, security and the management tools they provide. (Cloudflare also has a Registrar, but not for .eu domains)

The second thing is DNS hosting. Cloudflare don’t differentiate their authoritative DNS service into different tiers. Free accounts get the same Anycast DNS offering as Enterprise accounts, which is present at 275+ locations around the world.

(Cloudflare do offer some value add DNS features for special situations, but most scenarios just need regular authoritative DNS hosting.)


@michael @i40west thank you! You were super helpful!!

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