I need an Advice

I have a project is a summit on wordpress as online.

People will come to website on 2 days. And we are waiting approximately 1.000 people on same time. They will watch webinar on website but webinar is youtube based so there is no load on host as video.

I bouht a good server but I could not do any load test to my website. Thatsway I opened an Cloudflare account but I am not sure can 1000 people watch webinars without any loading problem.

What do you advice me on cloudflare. Should I buy Load balance?

Can free cloduflare advantage for me?

If somebody can give me advice place? This project is non-profit event so I dont have too much option :slight_smile:
Thank you regards.

If you posted the website address, we could provide useful advice.

If your site is just static content, then put your domain on Cloudflare Free plan and make a page rule to cache everything

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