I need advices about Performance

Hello, we are running a single page site that makes ajax calls for the GET/POST requests. The problem is that when a lot of people come to the site OR when there is an event that makes a lot of people which IN SITE call requests to a PHP page, every request become delayed (about 10 ~ 20 seconds)

I’ve tested page load time of the php files before overload / after overload, It doesn’t change at all, so It is about Cloudflare gateway.

So, do NOT advise

-> Making static html cached. Because It is not about caching.

The question is If I change the site’s plan to Business Plan, will the performance increase?

The Cloudflare cache is cautious and only caches the following file types by default: https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200172516-Which-file-extensions-does-Cloudflare-cache-for-static-content-

Railgun™ should help with your dynamic requests.

Hello, first of all thanks for the response. The problem is that speed is really good on a few requests. However, when there are a lot of requests to the dynamic content (more than 25 - 30 I guess), requests become delayed about 6 - 15 seconds according to the request count, so I don’t think Railgun will fix it. I guess It is about max thread count of Cloudflare proxies, does changing plan to Business plan fix the problem?

How does the AJAX call work? (what happens in the backend to send/receive the info?) Does it get/send the info from somewhere like a database? Does it load an HTTP request from somewhere else?

It might be Cloudflare’s threat count… I’m not familiar… but I’d imagine thread count would only matter if they’re all visiting from the same place (eg: 30 visitors simultaneously at a school).

Is HTTP/2 enabled? :slight_smile:

Visitors send their tokens (string length 64) as query string with requests, on backend, the system finds the related users from MySQL database with those tokens. It happens on all requests, I’ve thought that It is about backend optimization problem but everything is okay and also page load time doesn’t change before a few calls / after a lot of calls.

The site supports HTTP/1.1 and the site is using Cloudflare’s SSL.