I need a way to actually speak to someone. I have a very complicated issue and the site is under attack

I have a domain with 12 sub-domains that is under attack. The DNS at current host is over 12 pages long. The captured DNS at Cloudflare is just a few lines of records. I need a tech to talk to at Cloudflare but no one is responding. Is there a direct phone number I can call for support?

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With the exception of that offered by an Enterprise agreement, Cloudflare does not provide phone support. You can see the support options available on the various subscription plans in the following document.

DDoS resources are available:


But they do offer chat support at my level and when I try to Chat, I am told “your category of issue does not qualify for CHAT” and I have tried every one of the Categories to attempt to reach anyone in Chat support.

The .??g zone in your account is in a pending state awaiting a nameserver change. Contact your domain registrar and ask them if there are any holds preventing the namerserver change.


If all your entries were not caught by Cloudflare’s automated scans export them from your current provider and import them to Cloudflare. The automated scan is just a ‘helpful’ tool for simple websites. If you are a more complex environment you need to ensure your DNS records exist in :logo: and that you disable proxy for records which use protocols Cloudflare does not support.


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Hi @marketing204 I see your ticket 2974910 and will flag this conversation & your ticket for my colleagues. Note that I do not see in your audit log that the zone (website, site) in your account was ever active, nor do I see any indication that the nameservers were ever pointed to cloudflare, https://securitytrails.com/.

Given the site was never actively using cloudflare, it would be impossible for cloudflare to affect or help in the event of an attack.

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