I need a Cloudflare account that can publish Cloudflare apps with Workers

I need a Cloudflare account that can publish Cloudflare apps with Workers.

You can check details here:

This feature closed, and only those who submit this type of app has still to publish apps with Workers.

So for applying, please attach proof to this.

You need to deliver full ownership of this account.

Hi @iren,

Yes, this feature is not currently available.

Hi @domjh,

I know it is not available but it is available those who already started to use that. So I want to buy one of these accounts. I have a quite nice app idea based on this feature.

The quoted message says they’re flat out not accepting Apps. Have you seen or heard otherwise?

I think @iren is focusing on the wording as shown at that page, with particular emphasis on the word “new”:


One could interpret that as meaning the apps created/used by those who participated in the beta are still active.

That’s my guess.

Maybe, so there’s something like a RickRoll app that replaces every image on a page with Rick Astley’s picture. So now someone wants to come along and change the code so “RickRollit” doesn’t change the picture, but instead sets up an autoresponder helpdesk system.

I can’t imagine that would go over well.


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