I need a backup of my website

a Plugin called “Redis object cache” has broken my wordpress website. It gives the error:

Error establishing a Redis connection

Connection refused [tcp://]

This means that the connection information in your wp-config.php file are incorrect or that the Redis server is unreachable.

  • Are you sure you have the correct Redis host and port?
  • Are you sure Redis server is running?

I cannot access the back end to delete this plugin.
Please help

Please contact the provider hosting your WordPress site about this. You may be using Cloudflare to protect and speed up your website, but Cloudflare is not hosting your website and, consequently, cannot give you a backup of your site.

For help with this plugin, I’ll recommend you post in the Redis object cache plugin’s dedicated support forum on WordPress.org, so the plugin’s author can look into the issue for you: [Redis Object Cache] Support | WordPress.org

Use your hosting control panel or FTP to access your WordPress site’s files, navigate to /wp-content/plugins/, and delete or rename the plugin’s folder redis-cache. This should completely disconnect the plugin site and restore your site (if there’s no other issue at play).

Good luck!

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