I need 2 factor authorization turned off - waiting on response

what’s the average response time on tickets? kinda have an urgent request to turn off 2 fa but I haven’t received a response in 2 days. Is there a way I can upgrade to get a quicker response?

Hi @mike67,

Step 4 in Community Tip - Best Practices For Setting up and Using Two-factor authentication may help you.

I am afraid that there is nothing the community can do to accelerate this process. If you don’t have your backup codes, you will have to wait for support to respond. Please make sure you have as much information as possible from point 6 in the linked tip to speed up the process.

If you share the ticket number here, one of the mods may check it is in the right queue for you.

Thx domjh for the insight;)

My ticket number is 1772602.

Again - much appreciation.


Hi @mike67, I see a few (3) tickets mentioned and on one it looks like you have access. Can you confirm if that’s the case?

Hey Cloonan -

I no longer have access. Thx for looking into it:)


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OK, I see the issue across the tickets and the instructions from the engineers regarding contacting them.