I need 1-2 second loading time on my website please help me

Dear Cloudflare understand Your concern but I have a question
please check this website https://themeforest.net/

I check this website tracers are direct data sent to the Bangladesh data center?
i need this type of speed on my website

I need 1-2 second loading time on my website please help me

@shamimlem do not open multiple support tickets, it slows reply time for you and everyone else you’re trying to push in front of.

Good performance Tutorials here, start there

If you looks at the waterfall report on the speed test you can identify the assets that are taking a long time to load, I’d try to optimize the site as much as you can, record the har file the agent asked for on 2561510 and keep the conversation in that one ticket.

Leaving this here for future :search: #performance purposes

Helpful Resources

Based on your issue, review the following Help Center articles:

If you need additional support, provide the following information to help us troubleshoot.

Testing with Cloudflare (Assuming Cloudflare is currently enabled):

If your site is slow, run a speed test site on webpagetest.org comparing the performance of your site with Cloudflare to a test direct to your server:

  1. Visit http://webpagetest.org.
  2. Choose a geographic location and a browser that matches as closely as possible to that of your visitors experiencing the slowness.
  3. Enter a URL and click Start Test.
  4. When the test is complete, save the result URL to share with us.

Testing direct to your origin server:

  1. Visit http://webpagetest.org.
  2. Enter a URL.
  3. Choose the same location and browser as you did above.
  4. Click Advanced Settings > Script.
  5. Enter script to send traffic direct to your origin, for example:

setDns example.com
setDns example.com
navigate https://example.com

You should replace example.com with your website hostname, with your origin server IP address and https://example.com with the full URL you are testing.
6. When both tests are complete, share the urls and the Community can offer advice & insight into how to correct your site. Share the site name here as well, the sites you shared are not yours. That helps folks to troubleshoot issues with your site and not spend time looking at other sites.

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Please read my reply carefully and please refrain from using abusive language, that does not help.

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