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I’m in A2 hosting … I registered my website on Cloudflare throw A2 hosting but it doesn’t active, A2 hosting support told me that I must add www. to my domain name to active my registration on Cloudflare … I wandered is this right ?, I really don’t want to add www. to my URL . is there any way to activte without adding www ?
I’m using wordpress


Stupid question, but add the www and then remove it later once everything is set up?


already trying to add www but there are many errors when doing it … so I don’t want to add www at all


Most hosting providers sign up their customers in a CNAME setup. That means they create a CNAME to point to cloudflare for your record (e.g. www.example.com.cdn.cloudflare.net) and then have an entry which points that back to the true origin. The problem is that technically you can’t have a CNAME at the root so the partner can’t point the root to Cloudflare (example.com).

If you sign up for Cloudflare directly and use our nameservers you can continue to use the root as the CNAME wouldn’t be necessary (and even if it was we support CNAME flattening which allows you to use a CNAME at the root).

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