I moved my domain on cloudflare but not extended 1 year

I extend this domain on namecheap for 1 year, after that, I moved to cloudflare the domain which mean cloudflare tax me again for + 1 year too, so I paid to namecheap for 1 year to extend it, and on cloudflare when i moved for 1 year too, but my domain expired in 2022 instead 2023, why ? Please help me

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Hi there,

Are you saying your domain’s expiry was not extended correctly when you moved your domain to Cloudflare Registrar? I am going to re-open your ticket with us internally so we can gather some more information from you.

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Hello, the problem is the domain expired, so I notived that moving it to cloudflare, the domain will stay down for 5 days until transfer is completed, and I extended on namecheap directly to turn it on again. In 48h after the domain was already extended for 1 year on namecheap, I transfered to cloudflare which took me 1 year additional, but i see now is only 1 year from namecheap, please help me.

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OK - can you reply to the open support ticket with the proof of that additional purchase from Namecheap, we will escalate internally to see what we can do.

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I need to send it here?

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No please attach to your support ticket - I replied to it earlier today so you will have an e-mail in your inbox to reply to.


Ok, I did

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I am sorry that when you transferred the domain it did not add one year.

This is a corner case described in:

Per ICANN rules, you are entitled to request a refund at your previous registrar.


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