I missed my renew date

I am reaching out to seek assistance regarding the renewal of my domains.

I missed the domain renewal dates for my domains which expire on 28th September. There were some personal problems during that time. Could you please provide me with the necessary steps to renew them through the Cloudflare platform? Additionally, if there are any important details or considerations I should be aware of during the renewal process, I would be grateful for that information as well.

Thank you very much

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Go to your domains in the dashboard here:

Select “manage” for the domain you want to renew, then press “renew/extend” and make the payment.

You should move quickly, depending on the TLD you may only have 30 days after expiry to renew.

If the domain isn’t there, raise a registrar ticket to ask for help - if it’s not too late.

If you want to, give the domain name and its status can be checked.


Thanks for your reply,
I open my Manage Domains page on Cloudflare, and I can see my two domains there. When I try to click ‘Manage’ to renew the domain, there is an error appears and it says - ‘404 | We can’t find the page you’re looking for.’ Please help me to renew and activate my domain.
Thank you.

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