I mis-typed my domain when I set up the account

When I set up my account I mis-typed the domain name I wanted to move to cloudflare and I can not find a way to fix that.

May I ask if you were adding your Website/domain to your Cloudflare account?
Or transfering the domain name to Cloudflare registar and now you are in between (stuck) when Cloudflare asks for you to continue?

I have the domain parked at Go daddy and I am setting up a Kajabi page, I started with it typed wrong on Kajabi. I fixed that but I cant see a way to fix it on Cloudflare.

I believe you would need to point the nameservers to the Cloudflare ones.

Regarding Kajabi and Cloudflare, here are great tutorials how to connect your domain with Kajabi and also Cloudflare to use:



The domain should be flatrate.world not flat-rate.world


You cannot change already added domain, you can remove that one and add new one.

From the image above and if this is the “mispelled or mistyped domain” which have you added to your Cloudflare account, you can remove this one at Cloudflare dashboard by clicking the button “Remove Site from Cloudflare”.


Moreover, have you tried adding a new domain/website - this time, correctly typed?


If the concern is about DNS records, you can Export them from this “wrong” domain, and import them into “correct” domain using this option:

  • … not sure if it will work due to “domainA.com” to “domainB.com” as in your case of miswritten character, but you can edit the exported .txt file before importing, if so …


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