I might be charged wrongly for an already-canceled service

I’ve canceled my subscription for Load Balancer since April. However, this month (today) I’m charged for Load Balancer out of no where. Could you please help figure out what’s going on?

(Approximated) timeline:

  • In April, I de-configured the Load Balancer and ended the subscription. In May, June, and July, there’s no charge against me for Load Balancer, which is expected.
  • On 20 July, I’ve received an email with a subject “Billing account review required”, which stated that “due to a mistake on our end, we have not been charging you correctly”, and “If you do not wish to continue using these services, you will need log in to your account and cancel the following services prior to July 26, 2021”.
  • To recheck, I logged in and check for the subscription again, on either that day or a few days after, but should be well before July 26. The cancel button for Load Balancer was not there (if my memory served), which means I’ve already canceled it, and I expected the subscription to just end this month.
  • Today (1 August), I’ve been notified that I’ve been charged from Cloudflare. This puzzled me, so I go to the subscription page again. The cancel button for Load Balancer is still not there. However, the service status says “Ending on Sep 1, 2021”.

As in the e-mail from 20 July stated “We will not be retroactively collecting payment for previous periods of service”, this does not seem correct. Could you please figure out what’s going on? My domain is peat-network.xyz.

We can’t see your dashboard. If you have a ticket open about this I can escalate, but first do you actually see the LB service in the subscriptions page?

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HI @peathot,

Checking our tickets, I am not seeing that you responded to the above referenced email. I set the ticket you sent today to open so that our team can respond to you. To cancel the subscription, you would need to go to the billing/subscriptions section of your dashboard.

You can respond to the ticket if you have any further questions or concerns.

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