I’m officially f*cked by CF

Pro subscription, R2 subscription cancelled by CF automatically, NO outstanding bill, can’t enable R2 again to access files to move to another storage service, pro subscription removed so support tickets are treated like free plan.

This has happened for about a week now, is there any lawyer here can I sue CF for this?

I can’t speak to why your subscription might be cancelled, but if this is happening, you might have received an email about it? Is there nothing as such?

Feel free to seek local council. You won’t find help for this here beyond

[email protected]
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Yes I received lots of email telling me that my R2 subscriptions was cancelled, but I didn’t initiate any cancellation request, for sure, they wouldn’t you cancel if I hadn’t delete all the buckets.

The cancellation emails are all followed another email telling me that they can not process my bill, but I checked and checked and checked and I’m 100% sure there is NO unpaid bill on my account.

I’m sure this is caused by their billing problem at the moment, I create 2 tickets but none of them has been touched because I was downgraded to free plan (same problem, my pro plan was cancelled without any reason)

I now paid a month of Business plan hoping that they would look at my tickets, and they did commented on my ticket that they confirm there is a problem with my account but they don’t know why.

Seriously I really need to access my buckets just to move my data to another service provider, this is costing me way too much already.

This is an example of the email I received:

You are receiving this email because you no longer need R2 Storage.

This is a confirmation that your subscription was cancelled on June 8 .

As a reminder this means you will no longer benefit from the ability to store data with Cloudflare R2.

Learn about our cancellation and refund policy here.

For additional assistance, refer to our Support portal for any questions about your subscription.

The Cloudflare Team

it’s 12 days and not a single response by CF on this problem, upgraded to business plan for prioritized support didn’t make any different, can’t sue CF because their terms of use basically said they can do whatever they want.

this is my worst experience with a service provider during my 30 years working online.

Hi @frzzman sorry for the issues, I see your ticket 3293862 and a half-dozen duplicates that are closed. I also see my Support colleague escalated your ticket to the appropriate team in their reply a week or so ago. I’ll add a link to this conversation and flag your ticket for my colleagues. You don’t need to open any other tickets, the team will communicate on 3293862.


thank you for nothing, someone finally response to my ticket and marked it as solved without doing anything useful.

she/he claimed that I have an outstanding invoice which I do not, also that (claimed) outstanding invoice is for the business plan (for the support, which is non-existence) not for the R2 subscription which I still can’t access; the invoice for the R2 subscriptions are all paid (again, I DO NOT have any unpaid bills)

she/he also said that the R2 subscription has already been added to my account on Jun 8th, which is true, I tried to but failed many times since then, and now it still show the “add R2 subscription page” and won’t let me access to my buckets.

seriously is this a %$@%&$ joke to you?

why im I being ignored again??? I need to access my R2 buckets???

Hi @frzzman,

I’m sorry to hear about the issues you are facing. I have reached out to the billing specialist directly regarding your issue.


Looking at the ticket it looks like we were able to get things resolved.

Sorry that this issue happened, and I am glad we were able to fix it.

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