I’m blocked from allegiant air

I need a mailadresse from Allegiant air. I’m from Belgium and I always blocked for the website.
Cloudflare blocked me I suppose because I visited the site from Belgium.

I booked a flight ticket with booking.com and I can’t check my seat or check in.

I ask only the mail so I can contact Allegiant air for a solution.

Can somebody help me with that?

I can confirm that it seems to be hitting many (if not all) countries from the European continent.

It could be if they are primarily targeting for example North Americans alone, that they are then blocking everything that doesn’t appear to be from North America.

Using e.g. web.archive.org to fetch their site, it seems like they are listing a phone number, apparently for sending text messages.

2023-12-07 – web.archive.org >> Contact Us | Allegiant Air

And then they are providing a link to an “Email Us” form.

2023-12-07 – web.archive.org >> Customer Request For Assistance | Allegiant Air

But unfortunately, they don’t seem to be providing an actual email address.

If the above web.archive.org isn’t enough, e.g. that you are unable to send text messages to them, then you can eventually try through their social media links:



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I find information on next site

They also reply me.

Thanks for you’re answer.:pray:t3:

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