I lost over 2k USD because of incorrect billing in Feb



I received billing 2 days ago and i must to pay 2,363.50 USD for 707,903,878 worker requests while the fees is 0.5 per 1M requests, so it costs $353.95 USD only => I lost over 2000 USD. I’m very regret because of setting payment automatically.

I already sent ticket to clarify this issue but no response from Cloudflare. They ignored all my messages, now i must to report it to paypal to get my money back. So disappointed about cloudflare, no professional at all.



Translates to
How much is the amount I can cancel? }


I’m not sure it’s safe to assume they don’t care and perhaps sales are not open on the weekend and/or backlogged. You might want to post the ticket number here and see if anyone can look.

No answer from billing team

Based on what you mentioned your calculation should be about right. 10m requests for USD 5 plus USD 349 for 698 million requests.

This must be a billing issue, unless there is something else they charged you for. When did you open the ticket?



Nevermind, they have just refunded money, maybe they did not work in weekend so that’s why they did not reply my ticket.


Good news.

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