I lost my backup codes & don't have the authenticator app

I sell my phone in which the authenticator app install & also lost the backup codes. I have the email & password but can’t login due to authenticator app & backup code. I try to contact to the support but can’t get a good answer from them except the bot emails on that cloudflare account i attached 5 domain from which 3 are live i need that account i search too much about that but did’t find anything useful. kindly help me about that. Thanks!

Contacting support was the right choice. Just reply to the bot and the ticket will be queued and answered by a human. Be prepared to answer a lot of questions.

If you already replied to the bot, share the ticket number here.

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I reply to the bot email & follow all the instructions but every time it sends the same bot email. My ticket number #1824168. The last email was send 4 days ago but still there is no reply from the human.

Thank you. Let’s get a human have a look into this :slightly_smiling_face:


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okay can you tell me when i will received the human email answered?

I guess he will respond to this thread soon. It’s about 5 or 6 AM over there…

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Okay thanks btw here is updated ticket number: #1825190

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Sorry for the issues @sherazghani66, I’ll merge the tickets and make sure it’s in the proper queue.

I’ve merged the tickets into 1825190, multiple tickets simply slow down the processing, best to focus on one. In the auto reply there were two options to recover access, you should pick on and once you’ve added the file or tag, respond to 1825190 and let the engineer know to verify. There is phone support only for Enterprise accounts.

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As a i said above there are 5 domains attach to that account but only 3 are active the remaining 2 are not connected to the hosting i added the file to that 3 domains but i can’t add the file to the remaining 2. I reply to that email after adding that file to 3 domains but they sending the same bot email for domain verification.

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