I keep having issues with: Connection isn't save

So I have an issue that I can’t seem to resolve, if anyone can assist, yes please!

I have a Zoho site which is hosted in Google domains: Amstelbay DOT net

I kept having the issue of the site not being live, so using Zoho help documents I migrated the Nameservers to Cloudflare. So current status is:

Email: Hosted with Google
Domain Hosted with Google but migrated to Cloudflare:
Your SSL/TLS encryption mode is Full
SSL/TLS Recommender = ON

I had a HTTP Router on, but it is giving me this: Services are disabled on this route

2 page rules active to ensure it always goes to http:

both after www and without typing www both are redirected to http:


Can’t Copy my DNS records, if you want to see those, let me know!

The website works if you use www.amstelbay DOT net, but when you do it without, it give you the warning. I have also had a https:// director before, but that didn’t help.

Anyone any idea on how to fix this? My gratitude would be great :slight_smile:

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