I keep getting mail in my mailbox that changes the password

These days, from time to time, I get letters asking me to change my password, but I’m not even logged into cloudflare and I don’t have to change my password!

Today I even received an email that changed my Cloudflare login to an email I don’t know.

But it seems to be treated as an abnormal behavior, so no success!

I think the account may be stolen or something like that

Please ask what I should do when I encounter this problem?

Thank you!

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That email is not from Cloudflare @JohnnyWang. I just checked your account & the only member has the same email address you are using here. Please login and verify that.

We have received a few (3 or 4) similar comments and we are investigating these. If it is possible, would you send us the raw email (including email headers/raw email source) if your email client supports it? Send them to support AT cloudflare DOT com and include a link to this discussion, I keep getting mail in my mailbox that changes the password

I can’t read the first one, but that second one looks very fake.

But it’s always a good idea to make sure your account has a very strong password and that you’re using 2FA.

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