I keep getting flagged by CloudFlare protected website and getting CAPTCHAs

Since a week i’ve been getting CAPTCHAs on every Cloudflare protected site. This is very very annoying so i need help. I dont know where to ask for this so i posted it here. Does anyone know how to stop getting these CAPTCHAs everywhere? Help is much appreciated :tired_face:

assuming nothing on your network is infected with malware that produced bad behavior towards the Internet as whole exists (and if it does, you should rectify the problem) - then - if the IP assigned to you by your ISP is dynamic, you could try re-connecting to the Internet (e.g. power cycling your modem) which might give you a new IP (you can check at whatismyip.com what is your current one). If your IP has a bad reputation, maybe your next one - won’t.

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