I keep getting error 1016 after connecting InfinityFree to this

I created a website with InfinityFree on NameLessMC CMS and it keeps giving me error 1016 on and off. One minute I can access the website, the next i can’t. Right now it seems to be stuck on off. Any help?

Website: http://justsurvivemc.com/

And one more thing, how do I force HTTPS, I tried to create a page rule but it’s not working.

That domain currently isn’t using Cloudflare. It’s using BYET name servers, and looks to be hosted at iFastNet.

Infinityfree is some kind of partner with iFastNet

There’s a cloudflare error on that page… Sorry I’m new. I don’t know what you mean…

Weird. In a few mins it will not work again. Please help…

How did you add this site to Cloudflare?

In InfinityFree control panel i enabled Cloudflare

It has two DNS entries that are in conflict. An “A” record with an IP address, and a CNAME. Ask InfinityFree if they can sort this out. This might explain the inconsistent results:



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