I just want to start over. this is impossible to use. i can't delete deployments

i just want to delete everything and start over but im completely lost. im trying my best but this is so complicated and poorly designed i cannot make progress

Is this about deployments in Pages?

yes i just have a domain and a github repo. it wont let me disconnect and start over. it forces me to delete the entire repo to even have the ability to link the domain again. i

i just want to start from scratch on both cloudflare but they make it impossible to delete deployments. this is insane and bad design through and through im so frustrated

You should be able to disconnect at the GitHub end by clicking Configure:

And then Uninstall:

And in the Cloudflare dashboard, make sure you’ve removed the Custom Domain(s):

Then you should be able to delete the project:


it worked ty


wait, i need to start over again. on the dash, i dont see deployments, custom domains, settings… this is so badly designed. please help

uhh i found it. seriously how does a company make such a robust complex system and a complete trash interface. its likes its bad on purpose! mind blowing stupidity of the interface

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