I just want a reverse proxy for my tunneled network?

I’ve been attempting to set up my cloudflared tunnel for my home lab, aiming to reverse proxy URLs using nginx proxy manager. Nginx proxy manager is hosted in a Docker container, and when I bring up a new Docker service, I do so in the npm network. TLS verification on cloudflared is disabled. Below is my cloudflared configuration:

tunnel: tunnel-id
credentials-file: /root/.cloudflared/tunnel-id.json

  - hostname: npm.example.com
    service: http://localhost:81
  - hostname: “*.example.com” 
    service: http://localhost:443 # npm manager
  - service: http_status:404

Any insights on why this setup might not be functioning?

Hi there,

From the machine running cloudflared, are you able to open those addresses?
The addresses you use should be the ones the local cloudflared can access.

So if you have externally set for instance abc.yourdomain.com >, the machine running Cloudflared has to be able to resolve locally for abc.yourdomain.com to resolve.

Take care.

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