I just updated my Cloudflare nameserver and website is not live. Is this normal?

My Cloudflare nameservers were changed successfully. But now my website isn’t live at the moment. Is this normal? If I recall Bluehost did mention about it taking 24-48 hours.
Here is proof of the email from Cloudflare.

Did you set all the records correctly? There should be no actual downtime, since the old and new records are effectively the same. So the switch is seamless.

What do you mean set the records correctly? Bluehost was suppose to do it because that is what someone in the community told me to do.

I read the conversation, but I have a question. Did you actually open the Cloudflare account yourself or did you actually set that up from Bluehost?

I opened the Cloudflare account myself.

Then that comment wasn’t valid, but it was also specified you need to open it via the partner’s (Bluehost in this case) control panel. If you open the account yourself you need to check that all records in the DNS tab match the previous DNS’ records.

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