I identified subdomains that I didn't create in my site's indexing report

I identified subdomains that I didn’t create in my site’s indexing report and this is affecting my domain’s SEO. I would like to remove them, but I’m having difficulty. The subdomains are directed to cloudflare, I need help removing them!

If you domain is on Cloudflare, any subdomains active for your domain will be in the dashboard’s DNS, you can delete them there…

Reasons for “unexpected” subdomains may be…

  • Are they in your DNS when you didn’t add them recently? This can be due to Cloudflare finding and copying subdomains from your previous DNS when the site is first added to Cloudflare. (Many people just say “yes to all” when asked if they want to import these).
  • Check if you have a wildcard * DNS entry. Any subdomain queried, even random characters, will match that record.
  • Check for any redirects you may have forgotten about.
  • Check your account hasn’t been compromised and extra records or redirects set up.
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