I haven't set up any CNAME / A record or pagerule, but i am still getting forwarding for my subdomain face.amaogi.co. Why and how to correct it

I have changed my nameserver from godaddy to Cloudflare.

I haven’t set up any record for forwarding of my subdomain “face.amaogi.co” but it’s still forwarding it.
I also haven’t set any pagerule for the forwarding.

Also i have deleted all subdomains that was set from goDaddy.

So why it happening, And how to correct it?

I am a student, and was trying to learn networking so i got the domain so that i can redirect it my project, but above is the issue i am facing,

please help.

Hi there,

I see that face.amaogi.com is not accessible currently at least from my network, I assume you recently changed to CloudFlare and perhaps previously on GoDaddy you had this subdomain active.

I would suggest to wait few more hours until DNS IP will not be able to resolve it anymore as changed to CloudFlare recently.

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