I have upgraded my plan to Pro and my site stopped working!


I have just purchased the pro plan and my site stopped working right after.


What should I do?
I am getting " 403 Forbidden"

Maybe it caused by those firewalls that I don’t know how to remove:

I can access the website just fine. You may need to check block details and your firewall rules.

Thanks for your reply, seems to be working just fine now, but I am noticing that my site is slow with the pro plan:sweat_smile:

1.62s load time for 231 requests and 1.8 MB isn’t perfect and may need to double check your Speed, Caching, Page rules or any caching plugin settings.

I have tried to purge the cache on my Cloudflare account + on my website still slow. Any other recomendtiones?

make a traceroute command and check what it says.

Thank you for your response, I have run a traceroute command and here is what I got.

How does that look? :-1: or :+1:

Nevermind my previous reply. You seem to be connecting just fine and through Cloudflare network.

If you are getting a 403 error it means there’s some conflict with apache either with your config or your htaccess. Check Apache’s error log.

Determining the bottlenecks is easy but can take time. Personally, I like to start by setting Cloudflare in to Development mode then flushing it’s Cache.

Next, I open the browser in Private or Incognito and test the site with one or more o the following

PageSpeed Insights
Pingdom Tools

Now that you know what’s slowing your website down, slowly start tweaking your plugins. If there are caching plugins, don’t forget to flush them and your browsers cache to see each change.

After you optimize the webserver, turn development mode off and begin reviewing your Cloudflare Cache and Page Rule settings to find what works best.

To view site errors, browse to the website, right-click and select Inspect the go to Console.

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A lot of the wait time has to do with generating the web page. Your server is slow to reply with the html, which the browser needs first in order to load everything else.

  1. where is your site hosted geographically?
  2. what kind of hosting account are you on? shared, vps, etc.
  3. what software is the website running?
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