I have updated site files, how to uploaded to Cloudflare?

I need help. I have updated the files to my website. How do I get the updated files uploaded to Cloudflare?

After InfinityFree temporarily suspended my account for 8 hours due to the hit limit, I asked their community forum how I can prevent this from happening again. Someone from their community forum suggested I use Cloudflare to prevent this from happening again.

I submitted my website to Cloudflare yesterday and is now using the Cloudflare nameservers. My website is now active. To protect my website, I’ve added the Logflare app to my website which had been suggested by someone in InfinityFree’s community forum.

My website is: https://privatemoneyforus.com/

What I need to know is how do I get updated files to my website uploaded to the Cloudflare. Do I first need to go to “File Manager” in my account with InfinityFree and delete the current files and upload the updated to privatemoneyforus.com/htdocs folder?

Or simply use the FileZilla Client app to update the file in this folder before uploading them to Cloudflare?

You don’t upload files to Cloudflare.



Cloudflare serves the content from your origin server and caches it on a global CDN. You update the content on your server, Cloudflare will serve it.

Thanks for your help in this matter. I went to my account with InfinityFree and delete the current files and upload the updated files to the folder I mentioned in my previous inquiry.

I checked the website and it is showing the updated content.

@dcramsey17, you should also be aware that your site is still insecure as you have no valid certificate on your server and an insecure legacy encryption mode on Cloudflare. The latter should be changed to Full Strict.

Okay. Then how do I change it to Full Strict?


Please look at the image below and tell me whether or not this is what you were referring to when you said, “Full Strict.” Do I have the white dot in the right direction inside the oval circle? I have it to the right.

In the image below, after clicking on “Connection is secure,” I see a message telling me that the site has a valid certificate that has been issued by a trusted authority, and that means that information such as passwords and credit cards, will be securely sent to the site and cannot be intercepted. Am I missing something here?

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