I have two sites that are registered on cloudflare, but I can't find them here

I have two sites that are registered on cloudflare, but I can’t find them here. I need to find them for migration and DNS purposes. Where should I look for them?

They’re not listed under Websites?

If you’ve forgotten which account those domains are on, you’ll have to try the “forgot email” link on the login page of dash.cloudflare.com

No, in fact my dashboard is not looking like yours at all. It says I don’t have any website there, but my hosting says they are

$ | dig ns strictlysardinia.com +short gina.ns.cloudflare.com. brett.ns.cloudflare.com. $ | dig ns myadventuresacrosstheworld.com +short gina.ns.cloudflare.com. brett.ns.cloudflare.com.

I don’t even remember ever registering them here, so…

Why would I do that, I am logged in right now…

You need to check a different cloudflare account/email, the sites are active in Cloudflare, but not in the account you are using here. If you cannot identify & gain access to the original account, you’ll need to complete the process of adding them to your current account and changing nameservers at your registrar.

It may have been done on your behalf by a vendor working on the site or systems, perhaps? But, that would have involved the changing nameserver process at your domain registrar, that may hold a key in figuring out the who & why questions.

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