I have tried CloudFlare on Previous Domains but I am new to this and Don't want to mess up this time! How do I do this right?

I activated Cloudflare on My Domain in Dreamhost on my VPS. I dont want to mess up again how do I begin Properly? I have not ever set Cloudflare up properly but have tried before.

If you start with a site that runs just how you want, and with HTTPS, the rest is quite easy. +Add Site, then follow the directions, paying close attention to be sure you change the name servers at your domain registrar. (some people just do it with NS records in DNS, and that doesn’t work).

Also pay attention to the DNS records Cloudflare scans. Make sure it didn’t miss any, by comparing the list to what’s in your host’s DNS record list.

I appreciate the encouragement and I have set several domains to use Cloudflare in the past but never was able to get them totally right. This time I activated it in Dreamhost and it tells me to set up a Partial Zone Suffix because its a partner hosted zone. I checked the DNS on Dreamhost and they already created the CNAME record properly but I cannot access CloudFlares DNS settings to add the AAAA for the www. I also did not get any list of the 2 nameservers I usually get from Cloudflare to change my nameservers ( do I need to do that since I activated Cloudflare from the DreamHost panel?) or should I scrfap the entire site off my VPS and set it back up and use Cloudflare the way I usually do and set it up on the Cloudflare site …not going through DreamHost? Did I make a lick of sense?

That’s because you chose this:

You shouldn’t have go that far. Just turning off Cloudflare at Dreamhost should be enough to get a fresh start here.

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YEP! That’s what is going to happen! Thanks!

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