I have transferred my domain to Cloudflare and I cannot point it to Clickfunnels

Hi, I am not a computer engineer but try to do my best.
I had my domains at miss hosting and tried to get a subdomain thru Cloudflare into Clickfunnels. This didn’t work, so I decided to move the root domain to Clickfunnels instead. (Miss Hosting are using Cpanel and this is really out of my league to work with.)
I have another domain that I transferred to Cloudflare and into Clickfunnels, and this works fine. But this first domain that I first tried with a subdomain is a complete mess because it keeps giving me error code 1004.
I have no idea what to do - so please anyone know how to solve or giving me some advice?


Are you able to post a screenshot of the error?

Also, can you post a screenshot of your DNS records page (redacting IPs etc.)

Those messages are normal for a Clickfunnels setup due to the way they work.

Is something not working?

I removed all DNS setting and put it all back and now it’s working…
I don’t know what happens but it’s working!
Thank you for trying to help me :smile:

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P.s. do you know where I can find my IPv4 adress?

Glad it is working :slightly_smiling_face:

For Clickfunnels, you generally need a CNAME, rather than an A record with an IPv4 address, IIRC.

What do you need the IP for?

Now my A record points to the IP I had at Miss Hosting… but I have transfered the domain to Cloudflare so I guess it won’t work for long…?

Is you have stopped hosting with them, you can delete any records pointing to their IP and just keep the Clickfunnels one and any others you need.

So i don’t need an A record, since Clickfunnels only have Cname

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Correct. You only need the CNAME, as here:

Many thanks :wink:

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