I have to run argo tunnels on my docker containers without tunnel login

I have to run argo tunnel on my docker containers without doing “cloudflare tunnel login” again and again whenever a new container launches. Can i simply use cert.pem and put it in my container’s /root/.cloudflared/ and run “cloudflared tunnel --config path-to-config.yaml run .” as my ENTRYPOINT?.

Hello @rasikmhetre

You can find a full blown example of cloudflared running a Named Tunnel in k8s at argo-tunnel-examples/named-tunnel-k8s at master · cloudflare/argo-tunnel-examples · GitHub</titl

It should be good enough to get started and simplify it down to a pure Docker-based deployment.


Replying late here…

Thanks @nuno.diegues for you reply.
Later on by reading docs figured out that cert.pem is created when i create a new tunnel and thats all i don’t need it anymore to run an existing tunnel. Even you can delete it if you don’t have to create a new tunnel or manage the DNS records using cloudflared.