I have taken domain name from Cloudflare how can I point domain to web hosting Hostinger?

I have taken the domain name from Cloudflare and I have taken web hosting from Hostinger. While connecting the domain name with web hosting How can I change the name server and connect the domain name with web hosting?

is that you have purchased a domain from Cloudflare Registrar or you signed up for Cloudflare services for a domain you already own?

You want nameservers to be only the 2 assigned in your Cloudflare account.

Add a DNS A record that has the value of your origin IP address and the name of your domain or simply called @.

Can you share the name of the domain?


That 403 is from your origin server. Is port 443 open on that server?

How to check and where to see if 443 Port I open? Please help

Your hosting provider can tell you if the port is open

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