I have ssl problem with my new site I added to CloudFlare

hi there

I hope i can find answer for my issue here

I have been using Cloudflare for 3 Months till now
I have added my first site 2 Months ago, and it’s working fine with me, and there was no problem with the SSL for that site.

Today I have added my other websites , about six websites
They all using SSL,
After I added the new sites, I see there is a sentesece next to all my new websites that say:" Universal SSL Status Ineligible for SSL" with a red dot.
this not my issue.
The issue that I am asking here about is:
Why four of my new Sites worked fine with SSL after i add them to the Cloudflare,
and the other two sites not working till now.
I have added them in the same time,. and they all were working with ssl before i add them?
here is an example, One of my Working sites with ssl and one of my other sites that didn’t work with ssl:
https://goloria.com - working with ssl.
https://www.bestproductssreviews.com - not working.
please help!

bestproductssreviews.com is not currently using Cloudflare. Though it looks like it’s on BlueHost, I don’t see any indication it’s using any of Cloudflare’s services. Certainly not the :orange: proxy service required to get a Universal SSL certificate.

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thanks for your answer
it’s in Cloudflare,but after i didn’t find a soultion, i have disactivated the A records , but the site still with Cloudflare and the traffic go through Cloudflare.

I notice that my other 4 sites were added without the A records being active , but the two sites that were not working were added with A recorded So, I have disactive the A recorded for the two sites.

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