I have some Error 525 with come CNAME records

Hi everybody, I’m new here :slight_smile:

I’ve just switched to Cloudflare last weekend. I’m only using the DNS service now. First days went fine, but 2/3 days ago I started receiving some Error 525 with some CNAME records. They all point to ghs.google.com/ and they are basically a more speedy way for me to access those services (email, calendar, drive). Not a big problem since I can still access those services simply typing the full URL, but the strange thing is that everything always worked fine with my previous nameservers (not by Cloudflare). I’m not an DNS/nameserver expert, I have to say.

Thanks in advance for your help!

You just need to disable proxy :grey: for DNS records pointed to ghs.google.com as I don’t think it’s required to proxy Google sites/services.

Thanks a lot Eric. I’ll disable the proxy service for those records.
I haven’t done it immediately because Cloudflare tells me that ding so I’m exposing the IP behind.
But it’s not the IP of my hosting service, in fact.
I’m definitely not a pro on this :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

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You don’t have to worry about this because Google has their own DDoS protection to protect its services from attack.

I’ve disabled the proxy but now I have another kind of error: the browser says me that it’s impossibile to reach the website :slight_smile:

Anyway, no worries at this point. Customized URLs are already set since years in my Google Admin, CNAME records now don’t use proxy any more and I’ve already tried both “ghs.googlehosted.com” and “ghs.google.com” as values for those CNAME records. At the beginning it was ghs.google.com but I now see that Google says in his docs to use “ghs.googlehosted.com”.

Not a big problem, as I wrote. I can use the regular URLS, since the services work fine.


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